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Sales Pro Tip from Pete Monfre:


Buy 25 or 50 CDs to send to your top prospects in November. Then, follow up and ask if they enjoyed the gift. You are in like Flynn, baby. 

This collection of blues Christmas classics will have you and yours dancing around the tree


This is a high impact, memorable gift that is dripping with Austin cool. Your clients and friends will break it out at their Christmas parties and then listen to it year 'round - each time thinking of you and how dang cool you are. Or you could just send another boring bottle of overpriced wine.  

An alternative to the usual shopping center fare


Austin is the epicenter of the world-wide blues resurgence, and the performers on this special Christmas blues album are the heart of this genesis. This timeless album romps through classic American styles from deep soul and Memphis R&B to Texas swing and timeless classic blues. There is something here for everyone.

Perfect for:

  • Employee party swag bags

  • Corporate gifts of all kinds

  • Family and friends

  • Secret Santa gifts

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